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Christopher D. Russo, Lakeland Attorney

Christopher D. Russo, Esq.


Chris Russo was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2006 and started practicing in the area of personal injury in 2007. Mr. Russo has since spent his entire legal career in Polk County and is proud to live and work in this community. He grew up in Lakeland, Florida, attended Lake Gibson High School…

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Personal Injury, Car Accident, and Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Russo Law represents plaintiffs in personal injury, car accident, and medical malpractice cases. We are located on Lakeland Hills Boulevard near Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center to serve your legal needs.

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Attorney Christopher D. Russo has over a decade of experience handling serious personal injury, car accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dog bite, slip and fall, and insurance claim lawsuits.

Many of these cases have resulted in significant financial recoveries for the injured person and their families from insurance companies and corporations.

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Your life can quickly change forever when you or a family member suffers an injury.  You should have an attorney working for you so that you make the best decisions possible with your case considering the circumstances.  The decisions that you make today will have an impact on your life tomorrow.  This includes who you choose to represent you in our adversarial civil justice system and the value that you get out of your case.

We offer a free consultation that is completely private and confidential to get your case started. Most consultations are done by a combination of phone and email but we are also available to meet with you face to face. Communication is the one of the keys to better legal representation. The attorney-client relationship is still and will always be a personal service with open communication and trust at the center.

We offer an electronic signup process so that we can get started on your case the same day as your consultation.

Our location by LRMC is also easy to find whether you are coming from Winter Haven, Bartow, or Haines City. We have the knowledge, experience, and determination needed to take on the insurance companies for you.

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Please see our personal injury blog or answers to frequently asked questions.  We serve clients with personal injury and medical malpractice cases in Lakeland and Winter Haven as well as other areas of Polk County including Bartow and Haines City, Florida.

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Getting medical treatment is essential to the success of your case.  If you need follow up care after your injury but don’t know where to go, we can help you find a doctor regardless of whether you have insurance or not.  Just ask us and we can help you find the right place to go for quality medical care.

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Christopher is amazing! His advice comes from his years of experience with his only thought being his clients best interests. I was concerned he would steer me in a path that best his wallet but was caught off guard when his advice did the opposite and actually better positioned me for the future! Thanks Chris Russo Law for all your help!

Josh S., 2019

While no one wants to find themselves in a lawsuit, should it happen to you I know first hand that Chris Russo is a highly knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional that will guide you through the process. He will get up to speed on the facts of your case and look out for your best interests at all times!!! Don’t hesitate to put your faith in him!!!

John F., 2019


Jury Question Over Control In Dominos Pizza Accident

Car Accidents

In the case of Dominos Pizza, LLC v. Yvonne Wiederhold, as PR for the Estate of Richard Wiederhold, Case Number 5D19-2343 (Fla. 5th DCA October 23, 2020), Florida’s Fifth DCA affirmed the use of an “agency” jury instruction as it relates to the...

Liability Standard For Defects In Complex Medical Devices

Medical Malpractice

In the case of Cavanaugh v. Stryker Corporation, Case Number 4D19-523 (Fla. 4th DCA October 7, 2020), Florida’s Fourth DCA held that complex medical devices are subject to a “risk utility test” as opposed to a “consumer expectations test” for product...

Owner Required to Anticipate Potential Fall Hazards

Personal Injury

In the case of Tracy Greene v. Twistee Treat USA, LLC, et al, Case Number 2D18-4064 (Fla. 2d DCA September 4, 2020), Florida’s Second DCA held that a man-made depression in a parking lot was not so open and obvious that summary judgment should be granted in favor of the...

Advance Payment from UM Carrier Functions as a Setoff

Car Accidents

In the case of Richard Solomon v. State Farm, Case Number 5D18-3920 (Fla. 5th DCA August 21, 2020), Florida’s Fifth DCA held that an advance payment by a UM carrier is considered a setoff. Underlying Facts Solomon sued State Farm as the uninsured motorist carrier for a...

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